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Zhou Shifeng (周世锋)

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Zhou Shifeng is a lawyer who is born in Anyang, Henan. He started to practice in 1995. Before the arrest, Zhou was the head of the Beijing Feng Rui Law Firm where many well-known human rights lawyers work there, such as Wang Yu, Wang Quanzhang and Liu Xiaoyuan.

Zhou specializes in criminal law. He has represented a great number of famous cases, such as the case of Shijiazhuang in 2001. In 2008, he represented the victim of the contaminated milk powder to sue against the Sanlu Group. In 2014, Zhou represented the 82-year-old writer Tie Liu’s “crime of illegal business operation” case, German magazine Die Zeit’s China assistant reporter Zhang Miao’s “picking quarrel and provoking troubles” case and Beijing citizen Ye Hongxia “picking quarrel and provoking troubles” case. In 2015, Zhou together with lawyers Yang Jinzhu and Yang Xuelin initiated the establishment of “Lawyers’ Independent Observation Group for Nie Shubin case”. In addition, Zhou publicly announced that he will invest 8 million RMB to set up the “China Lawyers Weiquan Fund” to provide monetary assistance to persecuted lawyers’ families in China.

Under Zhou’s leadership, Fen Rui Law Firm has participated many influential international cases, including Ai Weiwei, Ji Zhongxing, Ilham Tohti, Zhang Lin and Cao Shunli. They also handle many human rights cases for the underprivileged, like “Yue Yue” in Nanjing, Fan Mugen and Yao Baohua.

Not only does Zhou spare no effort in the community for human rights, but also he is officially recognized as an elite in the legal industry. In January 2010, he was awarded “The Advanced Individual in providing Social Welfare Legal Services”. Zhou was also assigned by the China Legal Aid Fund since July 2010 and participated in legal aid activities for a year. Afterwards, he was named as the “Outstanding Lawyer”. In January 2011, Zhou was awarded with the “The Advanced Individual in providing Social Welfare Legal Services of Beijing Chaoyang District”. In April 2012, he was honoured with the “Beijing Excellent Lawyer 2009-2011”.



Criminal law, criminal defense


Cases Handled

2008: Three Deer poisoned milk powder case

2001: Shijiazhuang case