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Zhang Zanning (张赞宁)

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Nanjing, Jiangsu Province


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Zhang works at Jiangsu Chengong Law Firm. He is also a professor at the law school of Southeast University. He graduated from Jiangsu Weisheng Xue Xiao in 1964, and procured his professional qualification in the very first nation-wide professional examination in 1986. Zhang gained reputation and fame in the 80s. He created the ‘San Fen’ legal theory which is deemed essential till now. He later established Zhong Guo Bing Ren Quan Li Zhuan An Zu which cares about medical-related issues.



Criminal defense, administrative litigation, contract, copyrights, property, marital issues, medical incidents and traffic accidents


Cases handled

2008 The nation-first euthanasia-‘murder’ case

1992 Li Xinrong case