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Zhang Lihui (张立辉)

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Former partner in Beijing Guogang Law Firm. 

Lawyer Zhang started working as lawyer in Beijing since 2003. He also works as researcher of the Research Center for Constitution and Human Rights in Peking University and the committee memeber of the Professional Committee on Constitution of Beijing Lawyers Association.

Lawyer Zhang has been devoted into preserving public interest and had participated into various important cases. For example, environmental protection cases like Dongyang Zhejiang Defense case, Protection of Defendant’s rights to action case, defending basic human rights. Lawyer Zhang is in fact holding a household registration outside Beijing. He sued China Netcom Corporation jointly with Lawyer Li Fangping, who is also “Beijing New Citizen”, for treating “new citizens” unfairly by taking advantage of its monopoly status in May 2007. He had also participated in defending the case of Shandong Lawyer Chen Guangcheng. Unfortunately, he was summoned by the public security office with the allegation of theft when he was going to Yinan in Shandong Province for the defense. He lost the rights to defense at the end.

As a human rights defending lawyer in Beijing, Lawyer Zhang also concerns with the rights of lawyers. In 26th August 2008, he had published a letter, namely “35 lawyers strongly demand for the direct election for the Beijing Lawyers Association and lowering the membership fee for at least 50%” which was jointly signed by several Beijing lawyers. This action to voice out the opinion of his counterparts and strive for the direct election of the Beijing Lawyers Association had led to the rigour response for the Lawyers Association. The event has been attracting close attention from the society up till now. 



Civil and commercial litigation, criminal defense, criminal law, company law non-litigation, agent of arbitration


Cases Handled

2007    China Netcom Corporation Case

2006    Chen Guangcheng Case

2005    Dongyang, Zhejiang defense Case