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Zhang Kai (张凯)

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Released on bail pending for trial


He works at the Beijing YiJia Law Firm and is a member of Beijing House Church. He obtained judicial qualifications in 2003 and started practicing in 2004. He was intimated to lose his license in 2009 annual inspection, but still passed the inspection on 9 June.

Lawyer Zhang represented the victims of Sanlu poisonous milk powder, Falun Gong members and House Church believers. When investigating Falun Gong member Jiang Xiqing's unnatural death case, Zhang and another lawyer Li Chunfu were violently beaten at a client’s home in Chongqing by local police on May 13, 2009.They were then brought to the local police station for interrogation and were locked up in an iron cage and slapped in the face. The police illegally read the documents of lawyers and forcefully took away the evidence. In December 2010, more than 10 people in three cars forced Zhang's car to stop and attempted to pull him out. It was believed to be related to the case of Chen Xiaofeng, a Hebei University student killed in October after a car driven by a local official's son struck her on campus.

In August 2015, Lawyer Zhang was detained in 709 Crackdown for the alleged crime of "assembling a crowd to disrput the social order crime and filching, poking, buging over, offering state privacy or intelligence to foreign power". In 2016, the public security bureau released Zhang Kai on bail pending for trial. In 2017, Zhang continued his release on bail.


Criminal Defence, Administrative Procedure Law

Cases Handled
2010 Wang Yu Case: Beijing female lawyer Wang Yu was arrested by railway police working for the railway company, sued by the railway procuratorate, and judged by the railway court with a sentence in the first trial, which many see as evidence of the problem of "integration" of Chinese railway criminal jurisdiction.

2010 Linfen Religious Case: Christian Zhang Hua-mei was accused of "assembling a crowd to disturb traffic order" in a Christian assembly.

2010 Shanxi Poisonous Vaccine Case: related to hundreds of children

2010 Sichuan Land Rights activist Liu Zhengyou Case: Liu was arrested in 2009 after he participated in an investigation of the children injured and killed in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. He was later convicted of “fraud.”

2010 Chen Xiaofeng Case: mentioned

2009 Wan Jianguo's tortured by police case: Wan died in August 2008 on his 35th day of detention when he was suspected of using dangerous means to endanger public security. His wife found it strange and four police officers were said to be involved in the death of Wan

2009: Jiang Xiqing Case: mentioned

2008: Milk Powder Case: mentioned

2008: Cao Da Hu Case: Farmer Cao was killed in train by train captain, but report of autopsy was not disclosed

2007: Xiaoshan Religious Case: a local court in the Xiaoshan district of Hangzhou ruled that eight members of a house church in Xiaoshan had illegally built a church in Xiaoshan in July 2006 and tried to stop authorities from demolishing the church by inciting a protest.