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Yang Huiwen (杨慧文)

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Yang Huiwen has been a longtime defender in the cases of petitioner rights, and has defended, free of charge, the administrative cases of petitioners from Shanghai who were sentenced to Re-Education Through Labour many times. He is also a founding member of the Chinese Society of Human Rights Lawyers for Petitioners, and has dealt with cases involving the Christian church, forced demolition and relocation of houses, and corruption of officials.

In January 2009, when attending the selection of the next head of the Beijing Lawyer’s Society, he was treated violently by public security officials for distributing a public letter to all members. Since 2009, the Beijing Department of Justice has continually refused to let Yang Huiwen register for the lawyer qualification review examination. When he was registering to become a partner at a law firm, he was obstructed from doing so. Not only did the Beijing Department of Justice purposefully delay the process, they also did not give any reason for doing so. Yang Huiwen has applied many times for administrative reconsideration and administrative lawsuits, but none of these efforts have resulted in any meaningful results. By the end of 2010, the firm that Yang Huiwen was working at, Huian Law Firm, was written off and was operating under extremely difficult circumstances.



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Shanghai peitioners/reeducation through labor cases