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Xie Yang (谢阳)

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Current Status: Relased on bail awaiting verdict


Xie Yang is a Hunan lawyer and he started practicing in 2011. He mainly works on abuse of public power cases and has represented Shandong Xue Mingkai case, the new citizens’ movement Zhang Baocheng case, Nanyue religious case, Hunan Zhang Kaihua land rights case. He is actively involved in civil rights movements, including visiting Chen Guangcheng and supporting Jiansanjiang arrested lawyers.

In 2015, Xie Yang was detained in 709 Crackdown for the alleged crime of "inciting subversion of state power" and "disrupting court order", and after more than a year of detention he was indicted in 2017. Changsha Intermediate People's Court held a so-called "Open" trial on the case of Xie on May 8, 2017. Xie was represented by two government-appointed lawyers in the hearing, and he pleaded guilty in the trial. The court later announced to release Xie on bail awaiting verdict.

Cases Handled

2014  Shandong Xue Mingkai case

2014  the new citizens’ movement Zhang Baocheng case

2014  Nanyue religious case

2015  Hunan Zhang Kaihua land rights case