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Wang Quanzhang’s wife: 【Bringing my son to look for my husband Wang Quanzhang】

Wang Quanzhang’s wife: 【Bringing my son to look for my husband Wang Quanzhang】


Throughout this endless wait, my husband, Wang Quanzhang, has remained out of communication, I don’t know how in this country that advocates the rule of law and the protection of people’s rights, how can the breadwinner of a family disappear unaccounted for? How can they tear apart a formerly happy family?  How can they make a mother have no choice but to bring her young son on a long journey of thousands of kilometres to look for her husband?

In the early hours of the morning on August 10th, after two days of long tiring travelling, I made the painful decision to wake up my son, I tell him that mummy has to take him to go do something and he can sleep again in the car.  The little guy rubbed his tired unopened eyes and slowly sat up but did not cry or make a noise, he is so considerate for his young age, which breaks my heart.

Around 8:20, we arrived at the Tianjin Hexi Detention Centre, the tall walls that I had imagined countless times appeared before me, my heart bitterly hurt, tears uncontrollably started welling from my eyes.  My child’s father!  I’ve brought our son to come and find you, are you within these tall walls? Can you sense it? Are you ok?

 At 8:30am, a lawyer escorted us to the Hexi pre-trial team duty office on the first floor, I, being an inexperienced women in dealing with these public authorities, finally got to see the pride of these people who considered themselves superior because of the power they were given by the public authorities. I could not help but feel a sense of sadness and injustice for human rights lawyers.  The thought that everyday lawyers practiced in this environment made me feel frightened and distressed.  Is being a lawyer not a respected profession?

In the waiting process, I don’t know whether my son heard his father’s name or if it was a father-son connection, my son said: I want to find my daddy, I want to go inside and see if Daddy is there.  My tears ran once again…

 From an early age, we are taught to be honest, we tell children that they shouldn’t lie, but now I have no other choice!  I cannot tell him that because his father was arrested because he was a good person who did good things.    

Today I saw this passage: Do not let fear and hatred occupy your heart, even in the face of unlawful treatment, you can still learn God’s love!  I don’t think I can do that, at this moment, I cannot comprehend essence of it.   Even after experiencing all kinds of unlawful treatment, it is only now that I have started to hate, I hate that even my child’s humble request cannot be fulfilled, ,even the right to see his father is not safeguarded, I hate that I can do nothing as a mother and I cannot even be a nice person to my son.

Wang Quanzhang’s wife

The evening of 11th August 2015