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Peng Jian (彭剑)

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Peng Jian was originated from Sichuan, and he grew up in Shanxi. He was graduated from the School of International Law at China University of Political Science and Law in 1997. In May 1999, he began to provide legal services after obtaining the legal professional qualification. He had been practicing in various law firms in Beijing, and now a solicitor at Beijing Huahuan Law Firm. 

Mr Peng is one of the conveners for the “Conference of Citizens’ Alliance” and one of the examiners of legal aid cases for the Alliance. He pays close attention to the issues of anti-defraud, anti-monopoly, anti-discrimination, the promotion of democracy and the rule of law, and the labor rights protection.



Contract disputes, labor rights, debt recovery, construction works and real estate; intellectual property, acquisition of foreign-invested companies, scrutiny of contract


Cases Handled

2010    Represented parents of victim in the tainted milk powder scandal to make claims against Fonterra Brands Limited at Hong Kong Small Claims Tribunal

2009    Zhao Lianhai, founder of an website “Home for Kidney Stone Babies” and an activist who campaigned for the victims of tainted milk powder scandal, was sentenced for “disturbing social order”

2009    Xiao Chuanguo, an urologist in Shenyuan, Henan, was accused of making false declaration

2009    Civil claims for the victims in the melamine milk powder scandal

2004    Fang Zhouzi, a Chinese biochemist and scientific translator who is controversial for campaigning against academic fraud. His campaign was criticized by other academics