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Liu Xiaoyuan (刘晓原)

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Liu works at Beijing Yi Tong law firm. Though he failed to renew his license during the 2012 annual registration and is now facing the possibility of being dropped out of the profession.

One of the most renowned cases he has dealt with is the Yanjia case. He also handled cases on unnatural death during labour reform and helped criminals who were sentenced to death seek amnesty. Besides, he provides assistance to the parents whose children were missing and encourages petitioning.

Liu is at the same time a prominent blogger. In 2007, he accused ‘SoHu’, a famous website in China, of suppressing the freedom of speech of bloggers and infringe the terms of service. Beijing Haidian Court originally accepted the application but later revoked the decision. In 2008, Liu won the title ‘the best Chinese blogger’ in a competition held by Deutsche Welle.

Liu is also a member of Zhong Guo Jian Kang Fa Lv Xue Hui and Beijing Law Association, and is the legal consultant of Beijing teenage legal and psychological consultancy hotline and BaiDu professional consultant group. The cases that he handled eminently appeared in Chinese newspapers and reported by electronic and internet media.


Contract, Traffic accidents, Medical incidents, marital issues, inheritance issues and criminal defense


Cases handled

2010 He Shenkai murder case

2010 Fujian Netizen case

2008 Yanjia case