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Liu Wei (刘巍)

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Citizens Agent after license of lawyer revoked



 Liu Wei became a lawyer in 2005. Three years later, she signed an open petition on the Internet for providing Tibetans with legal services and she took part in the AIDS litigation, getting to know the human rights activists from Beijing. She could not renew her lawyer license in 2009 May during the annual registration. She appealed to the Beijing Lawyers Association but her appeal was not received.


In 30th April 2010, the licenses of Liu and Tang Jitian were revoked by the Beijing Judiciary. They were accused of “disrupting the order in court and disrupting the litigation from normal operation”, which was in violation of Article 49 (1)(vi) of the Lawyer’s Law of People’s Republic of China. According to Liu and Tang, when they were defending a Falungong member, who had been charged of “Crime of Sabotaging Legal Enforcement by Organizing and Using Heretical Religion”, in the Intermediate People’s Court of Luzhou City, Sichuan Province on 27th April 2009, they were interrupted for more than ten times by the Principal Judge when they read their pleadings. They were reluctant that they left the court, as a protest for not being able to continue their defence. Their leave, however, was seen as an offense and led to the revocation of their licenses.



Civil, commercial and criminal litigation


Cases Handled

2012 Guangxi Beihai Baihutou Village forced demolition and eviction case

2008 Ni Yulan obstructing officer in discharging duties case

2008 Defence lawyer of arrested Tibetans after the riots in Lhasa