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Li Chunfu (李春富)

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Beijing City


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Released on bail; In Practice                                                                  



Beijing Globe-Law Law Firm.

Li Chun Fu acted in cases for Fa Lun Fong practitioners, AIDS patients, unnatural deaths occurring during detention or labour camp period and also farmers’ right to land cases. Together with Lai Xiongbing, he acted in defence for reporter Qi Chonghuai.

In May 2009, while dealing with the unnatural death case of Fa Lun Gong practitioner Jiang Xiqing, Li and another lawyer Zhang Kai were beaten and detained by the Chongqing Municipal Jiangjin District Public Security officials. Li was intimidated in 2009 whilst renewing his lawyer’s licence that his licence would be revoked.

Li Chunfu was taken by police on 1 August 2015 while looking for his elder brother, lawyer Li Heping, who was taken by police about 3 weeks earlier. Li Chunfu was formally arrested on 8 January 2016 for the alleged crime of subverting state power. Throughout his detention, Li was denied access to lawyers of choice.  In July 2016, it was reported that his wife was pressurised by the police to accept the lawyer appointed by the authorities. 

Li was released on bail on 5 January 2017 according to official document but he arrived home in Beijing on 12 January 2017.   

What has been most shocking, however, is that lawyer Li is found to be in an extremely traumatised state of mind, suffering paranoia, strong sense of insecurity, and having lost a lot of weight upon his release.  Li is reported to have told his family that during the detention, he was give “tablets” on daily basis for, the officials said, his hypotension.  Li’s family confirmed that Li did not suffer hypotension before he was detained. A medical examination done 2 days after his release also confirmed Li has no symptom of hypotension.  It remains strongly dubious what that medicine could be.


Criminal defense cases; Charity cases


Cases Handled

2009 Fa Lun Gong practitioner Jiang Xiqing Unnatural death case

2005 Birth Control case