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Latest update | Wang Quanzhang to file challenge against Chinese courts (29 Apr - 19 May 2020)

After reuniting with his family in Beijing on 27 April 2020, Wang Quanzhang has been accepting interview requests from media in Hong Kong and abroad. He announced in early May that he plans to challenge Chinese courts over his convictions, pointing out that the Chinese courts have violated the Criminal Procedure Law with his illegal pro-longed arbitrary detention, and not allowing him to have legal defence during his hearing.


Cheng Hai, Wang Quanzhang’s lawyer, alleged that Wang was denied access to at least five lawyers that he appointed to represent him between 2015 and 2018.


Cheng also alleged that Wang was put through torture to a point that he contemplated suicide twice, and that Wang was placed in a tightly shut room with no sunlight for five months during his interrogation, which would last for 20 hours every day in the first month, during which he was kicked, slapped and spat at by interrogators. He was allegedly also forced to hold both of his arms up all day every day for a month, which resulted in badly swollen arms. Starvation, forced medication, pouring cold water down Wang’s neck and forbidding any movement during his sleep were also listed as methods of torture to which Wang was subject.


Wang did not confirm the torture, saying simply that what he experienced was painful, but was not much compared to the sufferings that other 709 lawyers endured, and what’s more important was his deprivation of due process and procedural justice.


On 16 May 2020, Li Wenzu (Wang’s wife) posted on Twitter that on 13 May, Wang was contacted by a team of four national security agents, asking him to not cause trouble in Beijing, or risk being sent back to Jinan, and that Wang accepting media interviews is already violating the rules. Wang Quanzhang answered that accepting media interviews is his right to free speech, and not part of his political right.



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