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Jin Guanghong (金光鸿)

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Jin Guanghong was born in Hubei Jianli District. In 1984 to 1992, he studied at the Library and Philosophy Department of Wuhan University, and was awarded a Bachelors and Masters Degree. After that he taught in Xiamen. In 1996, he passed the lawyers qualification exams and starting working as a solicitor and is currently practicing in the Beijing Jingfa Law Firm. Mr. Jin is one of the initial signers of Charter 08. 

On 8th April 2011, it is suspected that due to Jin’s acting in defense for a Luoyang Falun Gong family in Guangzhou, he was subsequently taken away and disappeared until 19th April. He went on a hunger strike during the period of detention and became very weak and thus was released. However, due to the brutal abuse and mandatory injections of medicine, he lost partial memory of the period in which he had been captured. He could only remember being kidnapped on the road and being detained in prison. He also had memory of being subsequently sent to a Mental Hospital for forced ‘therapeutic’ medical injections and being brutally beaten and forced fed, but could not recall the appearances of the people who had detained him and their respective departments.



Falun Gong cases; Subversion of state cases; Libel, verbal abuse, endangerment of social stability cases


Handled Cases

2011    Wuhan Activist Li Tie subversion of state power case

2009    Fuzhou Fan Yanqing, You Jingyou, Wu Huaying false charge case