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Inaugural China Human Rights Lawyers ─ The second anniversary of 709 Crackdown

A ‘standing in silence’ action was held today for the Inaugural China Human Rights Lawyer’s Day, as for the second anniversary of the 709 Crackdown.

In regard to the China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day, inaugurated by human rights organizations from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and the U.S., the Hong Kong-based China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group (CHRLCG) convened the standing-in-silence action to protest against the Chinese government’s persecution and to demonstrate citizens’ solidarity with the rights lawyers.

Local politicians and lawyers took part in the action, standing in silence for 7 minutes and 9 seconds outside the Court of Final Appeal to commemorate the victims of 709 Crackdown, after an opening speech given by Mr. Albert Ho Chun-yan, chairperson of CHRLCG. Participants included CHRLCG board member Emily Lau Wai-hing, lawmaker Dennis Kwok Wing-hang, barrister Margaret Ng Oi-yee, Senior Counsel Martin Lee, human rights lawyer Mark Daly, Secretary-General of Demosisto Joshua Wong Chi-fung.

Albert Ho Chun-Yan, President of China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group remarked, "Although some human rights lawyers and activists involved in the 709 Crackdown have been released on bail, they are still being monitored and controlled by the Chinese government. What is even more disappointing and distressing is the fact that, two years after the commencement of the 709 Crackdown, two human rights lawyers, Wang Quan-Zhang and Jiang Tian-Yong, and one human rights activist, Wu Gan, are still being detained without having been put to trial. We urge the international community to continue to pay close attention to the three aforementioned persons, and demand the Chinese government to release them immediately."

﹝Many people from legal and political sector joined the "standing in silence" in front of the Court of Final Appeal to protest against the Chinese government﹞

﹝Particpants wrote words to show their support to human rights lawyers﹞

﹝About 80 people joined this action﹞

(Street Booth and Performance art in Causeway Bay, participants imitate the torture experience of lawyers)

(Street Booth and Performance art in Causeway Bay)

﹝Activity Poster﹞