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A Global Joint Statement on the 3rdAnniversary of 709 Crackdown and China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day

A Global Joint Statement on the 3rdAnniversary of 709 Crackdown and China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day


July 9, 2018 marks the 3rdanniversary of the 709 Crackdown, a massive clampdown by the Chinese authorities on human rights lawyers and activists, and the 2ndanniversary of the China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day. During the past year, we have witnessed the Chinese government’s unceasing, unconstitutional and unlawful suppression of rights lawyers and civil society rights in the pretext of “ruling the country in accordance with law,” which we strongly condemn. We urge the Chinese government immediately and unconditionally to release the lawyers and activists detained in the 709 Crackdown, immediately and unconditionally to withdraw the administrative sanctions in respect of the revocation and invalidation of rights lawyers’ practice licenses, and to stop all forms of harassment, intimidation and repression of human rights lawyers.


After the 19thNational Congress of the Communist Party of China (19thParty Congress) in 2017 – China has entered a new totalitarian era of Xi Jinping’s socialism, with his personal power at its peak. With the goal of rooting out the rights defenders’ movement, the Chinese government has gone to great lengths as far as consolidating state power through constitutional amendments and repressing civil society by means of draconian laws, leading to a decline in civil society’s capacity to monitor the government. As the head of the “New Five Black Categories,” human rights lawyers will surely be the first to be cracked down on.


Updates of 709 Lawyers and Activists

In response to this era of unprecedented repression, the China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day was set up to recognize Chinese rights lawyers’ courage and determination, as well as to make known their perseverance in resisting against the oppressive regime. The 709 Crackdown and its persisting aftermath remain the major concerns of the China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day on its 2ndanniversary.


Numerous lawyers and activists involved in the crackdown were sentenced last year; several victims are still under detention. Lawyer Jiang Tianyong, who joined forces with 709 families to defend the arrested lawyers, was sentenced to 2 years’ imprisonment for “inciting subversion of state power.” Wu Gan, an active civil activist and vocal critic of the judicial system, stated in his appellate brief the people’s deserved right to overthrow an autocratic regime. Wu was charged with “subverting state power” and sentenced to a prison term of 7 years. Convicted of “inciting subversion of state power,” Lawyer Xie Yang suffered various tortures while in detention, such as beatings, “tiger chair”, sleep deprivation, etc. Since being taken away in July 2015, lawyer Wang Quanzhang has been held incommunicado and forbidden to meet his family or lawyers appointed by his family. In an open letter during the 19thParty Congress, Wang’s former defense lawyer Yu Wensheng demanded Xi Jinping’s resignation and immediate constitutional amendment, but was charged with “inciting subversion of state power” and “interference with public duties.” Yu has now been detained for 5 months. Lawyer Zhou Shifeng, former director of Fengrui Law Firm, and veteran activist elder Hu Shigen were convicted of “subverting the state power.” They are serving their respective sentences of 7 years and 7 years and 6 months; Hu is said to be suffering from deteriorating health. Under the charges of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles” and fraud, Wang Yu’s defense lawyer Li Yuhan has been held in custody for over 8 months, despite her daily need of a number of drugs for her chronic diseases. Yin Xuan and Wang Fang were sentenced to 3 years and 6 months and 3 years respectively for “picking quarrels and provoking troubles,” simply because they showed support for the 709 lawyers.


The 709 Crackdown has affected no fewer than 321 persons, many of whom have been forced to confess under torture and have been deprived of the right to an open and transparent trial, while countless of others face repression merely because of their relationship with the victims, or are revenged by administrative penalty.[1]The Chinese government’s crushing of rights lawyers and activists is not only an infringement of the country’s criminal procedure law, but also a violation of the constitution and international conventions.


Aftermath of 709 – Repression in Disguise of Administrative Punishment

Human rights lawyers are living under constant threat as suppression is being stepped up. The revision and adoption of Measures for the Administration of Law Firmsand Administrative Measures for the Practice of Law by Lawyersin 2016 serve as the legal basis for the Ministry of Justice to impose administrative sanctions on lawyers. Law is no longer rights lawyers’ weapon against the autocratic government; it has been altered to provide whitewash for the regime. Since the 19thParty Congress, 16 human rights lawyers and 3 law firms have already received notification of revocation or invalidation of practice license, half of the lawyers involved are closely related to the victims of 709 Crackdown.[2]Some of the law firms have even been forced by the Ministry of Justice to disband or to dismiss certain lawyers. Meanwhile, the notorious annual inspection system continues as a way to clamp down on human rights lawyers. By means of reviewing the types of cases lawyers have represented and lawyers’ online speech, the annual inspection system not only monitors lawyers’ conduct of practice, but also extends its grip to their personal comments and actions. The subtle measure of license revocation and invalidation has been carefully devised by the Chinese government, in order to thoroughly wipe out the human rights lawyers’ community, without provoking international rebuke. On the one hand, the revocation and invalidation of practice licenses can directly deprive lawyers of their means of livelihood, leading to a chilling effect among human rights lawyers. On the other hand, lawyers will then be deterred from taking up human rights cases, resulting in the shrinking of the rights lawyers’ community. Given the vital role of human rights lawyers in the rights defending movement, this new wave of repression through lawyers’ license revocation and invalidation will have a great impact on the sustainability of the entire movement.



It has come to our attention that the core of the “ruling the country in accordance with law” slogan proposed by the Chinese government is to systemize and institutionalize its repressive measures. We strongly condemn the Chinese government’s ceaseless suppression of and persecution of human rights lawyers, which violate the law and the constitution. We urge the Chinese government to:


  1. immediately release all human rights lawyers and activists detained in the 709 Crackdown, to revoke their convictions and to uphold justice for the human rights defenders;
  2. make known the condition of Wang Quanzhang, Yu Wensheng and Li Yuhan, and to guarantee their right of legal actions, and immediately and unconditionally release them;
  3. immediately and unconditionally withdraw all decisions about revoking and invalidating lawyers’ licenses and other administrative punishments;
  4. stop all forms of harassment and repression against the human rights lawyers’ community, to ensure that lawyers do not suffer intimidation, hindrance, inappropriate interference, prosecution and administrative sanctions for taking cases or for giving speeches in accordance with their recognized professional duties;


The Hope of Rights Defending Movement

Though the regime may seem invincible, the 709 Crackdown in fact reveals the government’s fear of the consolidation of rights defending forces and the speedy expansion of the human rights lawyers’ community. The Crackdown did not deter, but prompted the victims’ families to join the movement for the sake of their loved ones. Having protested for countless times against the judiciary bodies, Li Wenzu embarked on a 1,000-kilometer march to Tianjian to ‘look for’ her husband Wang Quanzhang; Xu Yan, wife of Yu Wensheng, exhausted all institutional means to defend her husband. Their perseverance and determination, together with the fierce international criticisms and a new generation of human rights lawyers that has emerged after the 709 Crackdown, exert immense pressure on the Chinese government. As long as we persist in our striving for justice, there is still a light of hope amidst the darkness.


9th July, 2018



中國維權律師關注組China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group

臺灣聲援中國人權律師網絡Taiwan Support China Human Rights Lawyers Network



Hong Kong
Asia Monitor Resource Centre 亞洲專訊資料研究中心
Borderless Movement 無國界社運
Community March 社區前進
Civic Party 公民黨
Demosisto 香港眾志
Global Monitor 全球化監察
Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China 香港市民支援愛國民主運動聯合會
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions 香港職工會聯盟
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New School for Democracy 華人民主書院
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The Democratic Party 民主黨

Association for Taiwan Indigenous Peoples' Policies 台灣原住民族政策協會
Awakening Foundation 婦女新知基金會
Covenants Watch 人權公約施行監督聯盟
Economic Democracy Union 經濟民主連合
Environmental Jurists Association 環境法律人協會
Green Citizens' Action Alliance 綠色公民行動聯盟
Green Party Taiwan 綠黨
God Knows Café 天曉得咖啡
Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan 西藏台灣人權連線
Judicial Reform Foundation 民間司法改革基金會
New Power Party 時代力量
Nylon Cheng Liberty Foundation 鄭南榕基金會
Parliamentary Cross-party Group on International Human Rights 台灣立法院跨黨派國際人權促進會
Prison Watch 監所關注小組
Taipei Bar Association 台北律師公會
Taiwan Alliance to End Death Penalty 台灣廢除死刑推動聯盟
Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights 社團法人台灣伴侶權益推動聯盟
Taiwan Association for Human Rights 台灣人權促進會
Taiwan Association of University Professors 台灣教授協會
Taiwan Friends for Tibet 台灣圖博之友會
Taiwan Friends of Uyghur 台灣維吾爾之友會
Taiwan Forever Association 台灣永社
Taiwan Health Rights Initiative 臺灣健康人權行動協會
Taiwan Innocence Project 台灣寃獄平反協會
Taiwan International Medical Alliance 台灣國際醫學聯盟
Taiwan Labor and Social Policy Research Association 臺灣勞動與社會政策研究協會
Taiwan Labor Front 台灣勞工陣線
Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Link 臺灣職業安全健康連線
Taiwan Students for a Democratic China 台灣學生促進中國民主化工作會
Taiwan Students for a Free Tibet 臺灣自由圖博學會
Taiwan Youth Anti-Communist Corps 台灣青年反共救國團
The Chen Wen-chen Memorial Foundation 陳文成博士紀念基金會
Thinkers’ Corner 想想人文空間
Voicettank of Taiwan Thinktank 台灣智庫《思想坦克》
Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, Taiwan 台灣蠻野心足生態協會
Youth Synergy 青平台

Human Rights Now

The Netherlands
Lawyers For Lawyers 律師助律師基金會

The US
Human Rights In China 中國人權


Other International organizations

Chinese PEN Center in Exile 獨立中文作家筆會


Individual signatories:

Stuart Russell, Co-director of International Association of People's Lawyers Monitoring Committee, France  國際人民律師協會監督委員會聯席主任, 法國

Pils, Eva, Reader in Transnational Law Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London

Szu-Jung Liu, Chair of the Human Rights Committee, Taiwan Bar Association 劉思龍律師,中華民國律師公會全國聯合會人權保護委員會主任委員

Alvin Yeung, Hong Kong Legislative Councilor 楊岳橋,香港立法會議員

Charles Peter Mok, Hong Kong Legislative Councilor 莫乃光,香港立法會議員

Claudia Mo, Hong Kong Legislative Councilor 毛孟靜,香港立法會議員

Dennis Kwok, Hong Kong Legislative Councilor 郭榮鏗,香港立法會議員

Jeremy Tam, Hong Kong Legislative Councilor 譚文豪,香港立法會議員

Kwok Ka Ki, Hong Kong Legislative Councilor 郭家麒,香港立法會議員

Tanya Chan, Hong Kong Legislative Councilor 陳淑莊,香港立法會議員

Au Nok-hin, Hong Kong Legislative Councilor 區諾軒,香港立法會議員

Lee Cheuk Yan, former Legislative Councilor in Hong Kong 李卓人,前香港立法會議員

Alan Leong, former Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association & former Legislative Councilor in Hong Kong  梁家傑,前大律師公會主席及前香港立法會議員

Arthur Cheung

Yin Lock

Venus Cheng

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[1][“709 Crackdown”] Latest Data and Development of Cases as of 1800 17 May 2018, https://tinyurl.com/ybmsjqqf

[2][A Joint Statement to Strongly Condemn the Chinese Government’s Suppression against Human Rights Lawyers through Revocation and Invalidation of Lawyers’ Licenses], https://tinyurl.com/y6uljnzu