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710 Crackdown Non- Human Rights Lawyers/Law Firm Staff Who are Detained/ Arrested/ Incommunicado

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Huang Liqun

Huang Liqun, born in 1957, previously worked in the Beijing No.2 Intermediate People’s Court. He obtained a master’s degree in Law at the Peking Unviersity. Huang first served at the National People's Congress Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee during which he worked as the Central Official in Tibet Autonomous Region Commission of the Legislative Affairs. He then became the Deputy Chief of the Bureau of Letters and Calls at The General Office of NPC Standing Committee and later resigned. In October 2013, Huang joined Beijing Feng Rui Law Firm. Being as a rare example of a lawyer who previously held senior position in the party, the resignation of Huang was viewed as a significant symbol.

Chen Taihe

Chen Taihe, a part-time lawyer and professor of the Faculty of Law in Guilin University of Electronic Technology, has been a legal consultant for various state-owned and private owned enterprises and the Guilin Municipal Gongyong Career Management Bureau, as well as a visiting professor of the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom. His work include, “Property Rights in a harmonious society”, “The Simplest Rights – Us, Citizens….”, “Confucius v God: Rule by Law v Rule of Law”. He has been advocating and promoting the introduction of the jurors system in China.

Li Shuyun

Lawyers of Beijing Fengrui Law Firm. She’s also the assistant of lawyer Zhou Shifeng.

Xie Yuandong

Feng Rui Law Firm trainee.

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei a.k.a Kao La was born in 1991 (24 years old). She graduated from Jiangxi Normal University in Journalism, she began working in chartiable activities in university. In October 2014, she became the assistant of well known human rights lawyer Li Heping and started to work on rights cases. She has participated in the “Ping Yuan Da Peng Che”, “Jiangxi Supreme Court House Door Lawyers fight for their rights to have access to case documents”, etc.

Liu Sixin

Dr. Liu was born in 1966. He has hold the master’s degree in Law at the China University of Political Science and Law; master’s degree in International Law at the Washington College of Law, University of Washington; Doctor of Criminal Law at the Peking University; Doctor of Economics at the Zhejiang University. In 2009, as Liu’s wife was sexually harassed by her boss, Liu impulsively beat the boss. He tried to compensate afterwards but was rejected.

Liu was then sentenced 4.5 years in jail for the crime of assault and extortion. Meanwhile, he was forced to divorce his wife because of the pressure on her and their daughter after the incident. After Liu was released, he attempted to submit evidence for appeal but it was all rejected.

Since then, he participated in human rights activities in local communities, supporting lawyer Cheng Hai in the September 5th Incident and the lawyers involved in the case of Jiansanjiang illegal detention center, he was the administrative assistant at Fengrui when he was arrested

Gao Yue

Assistant of lawyer Li Heping.