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4th Anniversary of the 709 Crackdown

This year marks the fourth year since the 709 Crackdown, during which Lawyer Wang Quanzhang, who has been secretly detained and tried, has been sentenced to four and a half years in jail this January. It was not until 28th June 2019 did his family manage to visit him for the first time with permission, his wife Li Wenzu has since expressed serious concern for his health and well-being as a result of ill-treatment; Lawyer Yu Wensheng, the defence lawyer of Wang Quanzhang, has been under arbitrary detention for more than 500 days, and is awaiting sentencing after being secretly tried on 9th May 2019; Lawyer Li Yuhan – the defence lawyer of Wang Yu – is currently still in custody awaiting trial, which has been delayed multiple times.


No less than 321 persons have fallen victim to the 709 Crackdown, some of which have been subjected to torture and suffer from deteriorating health in the process of being forced to confess to their “crimes”. Their families have been harassed, being evicted from their homes, surveilled and their children deprived of their right to education.


China human rights lawyers have experienced diverse forms of illegal suppression. Lawyer Tang Jingling – who has long supported pro-democracy movements – and Lawyer Jiang Tianyong – who has actively protected the rights of 709 lawyers’ families – have technically already finished their time in prison; however, they are still under the surveillance of public security agents 24 hours a day, being deprived of their right of autonomy in terms of healthcare and their mobility rights; Lawyer Wang Yuhas been forcefully removed by police while on her way to attend an activity at the American Embassy in Beijing; Lawyer Gao Zhisheng has already been subjected to two years of enforced disappearance.


In the past four years, lawyers implicated by the 709 Crackdown have also faced administrative penalties as a form of suppression. Lawyers and law firms in China are subjected to annual “inspections”, and lawyers who have worked on politically sensitive cases tend to have their licenses revoked or suspended, victims include Lawyers Liu Zhengqing and Chenghai. Law firms which accepted to represent in such cases, such as Beijing’s Fengrui Law Firm, Wutian Law Firm, and Guangxi’s Baijuming Law Firm, had their licenses revoked and were forced to disband. From September 2017 to January 2019, more than 26 human rights lawyers and law firms have had their licenses revoked, invalidated or suspended due to them exercising their rights to freedom of assembly, of association, and of speech.


Evidently, despite the Crackdown having taken place four years ago, the Chinese government’s suppression against human rights lawyers has not stopped, but has instead evolved to another form.


Even in this darkest of times, we still manage to find hope – and human rights lawyers are the brave souls carrying the torches of light. In 2019, we also witness the third anniversary of the China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day. The courage and persistence of these lawyers who are facing challenges and suppressions imposed by the State in order to silence them are recognized and celebrated. The Chinese government may temporarily lock these brave lawyers behind bars, but their families and supporters keep the torch burning as they persist in their fight for justice. This year, the Hong Kong government disregarded China’s lack of rule of law, as it proposed amendments to Hong Kong’s extradition law, which would allow any individual to be extradited from Hong Kong to Mainland China for trial, rendering anyone vulnerable to arbitrary detention, unfair trial and inhumane treatment. Hong Kong people have been firmly resisting the draconian Bill.


We strongly condemn the Chinese Government ’s relentless and ruthless suppression against people in pursuit of freedom of speech, justice and rule of law in the name of “ruling the country according to law.” We demand:


1. That human rights lawyers who are still incarcerated to be released immediately;
2. That genuine freedom be guaranteed for lawyers who have already completed their time in prison;
3. That decisions to revoke and invalidate lawyers’ licenses on the basis of state retaliation be withdrawn;
4. That all methods to intimidate and repress human rights lawyers be stopped, be it outright violence or discrete coercion;
5. That all forms of harassment and suppression against families of human rights lawyers be stopped.


9 July 2019

China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group

Geneva Bar Association

Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China

Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions

International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger

International Service for Human Rights (ISHR)

Justice & Peace Commission of the H.H. Catholic Diocese

League of Social Democrats

Monitoring Committee on Attacks on Lawyers, International Association of People's Lawyers (IAPL)

New School for Democracy

Office of Legislative Councillor - Kwok Ka-Ki

郭家麒 立法會議員辦事處

Paris Bar Association

Reporters Without Borders East Asia Bureau

Retail, Commerce and Clothing Industries General Union

Taiwan Support China Human Rights Lawyers Network

The Democratic Party

Worker Empowerment


Individual signatories
Stuart Russell
(Canadian human rights lawyer, Australian law professor and Australian administrative judge (retired))
Hsing-chung Wang
Adrian Yeung
Angel Shum
Biaofeng Ou
Clara Cheung
David Israel Díaz Hernández
Diu Chi Ho
Geertman Herman
Gresson Lau
Jane Wang
Joanna Zhao
Kacey Chan
Kane Ng
Sandy Lam
Lawrence Chou
Lebron Ho
Mei Ni Lee
Long Ting Lui
Lu Chou
Martin Toshing
Ocean Fung
Patrick Poon
Priscilla Wong
Qin Chen
Sandy Chow
Shan Ho
Shasha Wong
Shirley Lok
Snow Wong
Solana Pang
Stephanie Jor
Tracy Li
Tsang Hon Wan
Wing Man Cheng
Wing Yan Chong
Wong Chau Fung
Kam Shing Yeung
A Lau
Aaron Hui
Aaron Yam
Ada Au
Ada Tam
Adela Lee
Aderine Tong
Agnes Chan
Agostinho Ho
Aiki Yeung
Aisha Dad
Alan Chung
Alan Lam
Alan Lau
Alan Leong
Alex Chun Hung Lai
Alex Lau
Alex Leung
Alex Wo Shun Chan
Alfred Pau
Alfred Tong
Algo Chin
Alison Lee
Alpha Keung
Amanda Clarke
Amanda Poon
Amanda Ri Yin Liu
Amos Ho
Amy Yeung
Andies Yau
Andrew To
Angel Tsui
Angela Cheung Angela Lee
Angela Lee
Angela Yuen
Anita Lam
Ann Wong
Ann Yau
Anna Nip
Anne Shum
Annie Tam
Annie Tse
Anson Cho
Anson Fong
Anson Lam
Anthony Si
Apple Thingummywut
April Chan
ArFai Kelvin Lau
Ariel Leung
Athena Siu
Audrey Eu
Azam Khan
Belle Lau
Benny Fung
Benny Mok
Benson Law
Billy Ng
Billy Tham
Blanco Siu
Bon Cheung
Bonnie Mok
Bowie Tang
Brian Fong
Bruno Ho
Bun Chan
C.T. Ng
Cammy Lam
Candice Fong
Cari Tse
Carmenie Sin Ying Lai
Carol Chan
Carol Chui
Carol Corven
Carol Lam
Carol Li
Carol Ng
Carol Tsang
Carrie Liang
Cat Chan
Catherine Lam
Cecilia Chan
Cecilia Lam
Cecilia Wong
Celine Lo
Chok Tung Chan
Jolyne Chan
Ka Chun Chan
Yin Ping Chan
Charcoal Chu
Charlene Kwan
Charles Mok
Chat Yee
Che Leung Chan
Cherry Chow
Cherry Ip
Cheryl Lee
Cheuk Yiu Chan
Cheung Nga Lam
Cheung Sin Yu
Cheung Yu Li
Chi Chung Cheng
Chi Kit Ho
Chi Ling Chan
Chi Tat Terence Hui
Chi Tu Chia
Chi Wah Fong
Chi Wood Fung
Chiachi Pan
Chiman Cheung
Chin Yang Chao
Ching Hoi Yu
Ching Man Agnes Au Yeung
Chiu Poon
Siu Yin Chiu
Chiu Yuen Nicol Chan
Chiwai Erh
Chloe Giebel
Choi Kau Hau
Choi Wah Yu
Choi Yee Tung
Helen Chow
Ka Po Chow
Chow Yuen
Chris Ho
Chris Kwok
Chris Ng
Chrisann Lee
Christina Hogan
Christina Hong
Christine Chan
Christine Chan
Christine Hung
Christine Poon
Chui Ping Siu
Chun Hei Wong
Chun Kong Liu
Chun Man Chu
Chun Wah Lam
Chun Yin Chan
Lai Ling Chung
Chung Ming
Chan Cind Lung
Cindy Au
Cindy Chan
Cindy Wong
Clara Wong
Claudia Lo
Colete Fan
Connie Chui
Connie Leung
Conrad Lam
Constance Chow
Cor Broekhof
Cressida Lui
Crystal Wong
CS Tsui
CY Yeung
Cyd Ho
Dai Fu
Daisy Fan
Dan Yiu
Daniel Leung
David Chau
David Choi
David Hui
David Mok
Debbie Wan
Debora Poon
Deborah Yau
Dekki Ng
Denise Yu
Dennis Kwok
Dennis Luk
Derrick Chan
Desmond Chan
Dick Wong
Donald Reilly
Donna Tze
Dora Chan
Doris Ko
Eddy Chan
Eddy Lee
Edmond Ip
Elaine Tsang
Elgdbocks San
Elise Tse
Eliz Leung
Elizabeth Kong
Ella Ho
Ellen Chan
Ellen Tsao
Ellen Wong
Elsa Chan
Elsa Fan
Emil Lee
Emily Chan Emily Lam
Emily Yu
Eric Chan
Eric Mau
Eric Tse
Erik Chan
Esther Kam
Ethan Chan
Eugene Yeung
Eva Chan
Eva Chen
Eva Leung
Evangeline Wong
Ezra Lam
Fa Shi Yee
Fai Suen
Flora Chan
Flora Ma
Florence Cheung
Fok Po Lin
Fonna Lai
Foo Yin Yeung
Frances Chan
Francine Chan
Francis Yeung
Fred Ho
Freddy Yu
Frederic Lee
Frederick Wong
Frida Chan
Fu Wing Yip
Fun Kau Chow
Fung Lee
G Chan
G Lam
Gail Davidson
Gailen Lee
Gardenia Kwok
Gary Hui
Gavin Ly
Gavy Lam
Gerard Hon
Gloria Cheong
Gloria Shia
Glory Cheng
Go Wai Hung
Grace Mak
Grace Wong
Gregory Ma
Griffith Hon
H Y Lai
H.M. Leung Harry Yiu
Hei Yau Lam
Helen Lee
Henry Kwok
Herbert Chan
Hester Yu
Hilda Chan
Hiu Man Wong
Hiu Tung Chan
Ho Chan
Ho Sang Wong
Ho Ting Kwok
Ho Wai Sze
Hoi Lam Chan
Hoi Man Ma
Hoi Yan Wong
Hoi yan Wong
Hon Shing Yu
Hong Yan Tang
HT Leung
Chi Wing Hui
Hui Fong Yu
Hui Yuen Kwong
HW Kung
Ice Lo
Icy So
Irene Wong
Ivan Bau
Ivan Lau
Ivy Chan
Ivy Wong
Jack Poon
Jacqueline Liu
Jade Fan
Jake Wu
James Leung
Jamie Cheng
Janco Leung
Jane Chan
Janet Cheung
Janet To
Jason Pang
Jason Wong
Jason Yau
Jeanie Leung
Jen Kwok
Jen Lo
Jennifer Lam
Jenny Chan
Jenny Cheong
Jenny Yeung
Jess Chak
Jessica Fan
Jessica Lee
Jessica Wong
Jessie Wong
Jimmy Chan
Jimmy Chan
Jimmy Chu
Jimmy Ng
Jocelyn Fung
Joe Fong
Joe Lau
Joe Lo
Joey Chik
Joey Leung
John Chan
Johnny Ma
Joie Yip
Josephine Chow
Josephine Kwan
Josephine Tsang
Joy Au
Joyce Fong
Julia Chung
Justine Lee
K. H. N
Ka Chan
Ka Chun Ng
Ka Lun Ng
Ka Man Leung
Ka Yan Yeung
Ka Yee Chow
Ka Yee Chung
Ka Yi Tang
Ka Yin Williams
Ka Ying Li
Kai Hong Kwan
Kai Lo
Kaka Chung
Kaki Lai
Kam Yuen Cheng
Kanelle Kam
Karen Yip
Katherine Kwong
Kathy Chan
Katrina Chan
Katrina Hung
Kaylan Wong
Kee Ma
Kelvin So
Kelvin Wo
Ken Fung
Ken Ma
Kendrew Wan
Kenneth Lam
Kenny Shiu
Kenny Wong
Keong Piu Wong
Kevin Lawrence
Kevin Szeto
Kevin Tam
Ki Chi Chung
Kimi Ng
Kin Fan Kwok
Kin Lok Wong
Kit Yiu
Kitty Tsang
Kitty Yeung
KK Lau
KM Yao
Kongting Yau
Konni Chung
Kwan Yee Chan
Kwok Fai Poon
Kwok Ling Chiu
Kwok Tung Wong
Kwok Wun Law
Kwong Fai Yang
Kyra Cheung
Lai Fan Kalina Ip
Lai Ming Amy Au
Laiha Cheung
Chi Hung Lau
Hung Tung Lau
Ka Man Lau
On Chun Lau
Laurie Wen
Kit Yee Lee
Kwok Kong Lee
Yuen Ching Lee
Lelia Sun
Lesley Ng
Hung Yuk Leung
Kam Wah Leung
Wai Leung
Yee Man Leung
Shi Hung Li
Lilian Yip
Lily See
Lily Young
Linda Lam
Ling Fung Fok
Lisa Cheung
Loch Joyce
Lok Sang Yu
Loren Law
Luke Chan
Lulu Tse
Lung Ng
Lydia Au
Chor Ming Ma
Maggie Chu
Maggie Mei Kei
Cheung Maggie
N M Poon
Maggie Wu
Mak Mok
Man Chung Wong
Man Huen Yuen
Man Kwan Chan
Man Shun Tam
Man ting Au Yeung
Man Wing Wong
Mandi Wong
Mandy Chu
Manoj M
Marco Yip
Margaret Chui
Margaret Fung
Margaret Leung
Maria Chu
Maria Santos
Maria Yu
Martin Flaherty
Martin Ma
Matthew Chiu
Matthew Tong
Matthew Yuen
Mavis Lam
Medina Lau
Mee Ling Cheng
Mei Ling Chan
Mei Ling Wong
Mei Tong Chiu
Meiyee Wu
Melissa Ching
Mi Ng
Mia Ku
Michael Wong
Michelle Lam
Michelle Sin
Mico Leung
MiMi Leung
Ming Ming Wong
Ming Sum
Robia Mak
Ming Wah Wong
Minny Lau
Miranda Tsui
Mitch Lee
Mm Tsui
Mo Lin Wong
Mo Ling Yip
Moko Chan
Monaliza Tong
Monica Cheung
Moses Mok
Nancy Wong
Nancy Wong
Nash Poon
Nelson Wong
Ng Kit Yeung
Ng Ling Fung
Man Ng
Nga Tai Kwan
Ngai Ngai Chung
Nic Hang
Nick Chan
Nicole Izsak
Noel Fung
Nova Lau
O.Y. Chan
Ocean Lam
Olive Kwan
Oscar Leung
Owen Emily
P Ip
P. Chum
Pak Kin Wan
Pam Ma
Patricia Ho
Patrick Chan
Patrick Lam
Patti Lam
Paul Wong
Pauli Choi
Pearl Leung
Peggy Siu
Peter Chan
Phoebe Shek
Phoebe Wat
Phoebe Wong
Pik Kuen Wong
Ping Fong Yau
Ping Lam
Ping Yin Wong
PL Mok
Polly Ling
Pui Man Wong
Puiling Ng
Pumpkin Lee
Puzzle Cheung
Rachel Szeto
Rain Luu
Rainbow Yuen
Ray Chan
Ray Li
Raymond Chan
Raymond Chan
Raymond Chan
Raymond Chiu
Raymond Lau
Raymond Tam
Raymond Wong
Rebecca Pun
Rebecca Tsang
Rex Chow
Rex Ip
Rick Chan
Rita Lee
Rita Tam
Rita Tse
Rita Yip
Roy Fung
Royce Yip
Ruby Chiu
Rue Huang
Ryan Choy
S Kam
Sabina Chow
Sai Sai Chan
Sally Choi
Sally Wan
Sam Chau
Samantha Chung
Sammy So
Sammy Yu
Samuel Ng
Sandra Wong
Sappho Wong
Sarah Ma
Sarah Sheehan
Sarah Yeung
Sau Man Chu
Sau Ming Josephine Chiu
Shanshan Cheung
Sharon Ng
Sharon Yuen
Sherona Tse
Sherra Tang
Sherrie Wong
Sherry Lin
Shirley Hui
Shu Kwan Sin
Shui Tai Cheng
Shuk Kei Lau
Shuk Wan Ho
Shukei Sin
Shum Ho
Sik Wa Chan
Sik Wai Tam
Simon Leung
Simone Lai
Siu Hok Woo
Siu Hon Wong
Siu Man Lam
Siu Mei Lam
Siu Pan Lam
Yee Wing Siu
SK Yung
Skylar Chiu
Sonus Cat
Sophine Cheung
Stanley So
Stanly So
Stefanie Tai
Stella Lam
Stella Yu
Stephany Chan
Stephen Char
Steve Tam
Steven Chung
Steven Liu
Suet Yan Tai
Sui Lun Che
Sui Yuk Cheng
Suk Kuen Choi
Suk Ming Lai
Suki Cheung
SukI Ma
Sum Ho
Sydney Chow
Sze Ling Cheung
Sze Nga Ng
Pomei Szeto
Szu-Jung Liu
Tak Han Ip
Tam Miu Lee
Wai Pang Tam
Tammy Tsang
Tan Laam So
Tang Chin Ching
Tang Nok Lam
Tat Yung Li
Tavis du Preez
Tedman Chan
Tenzin Tsundue
Therese Ko
Thomas Tang
Thomas Yu
Tiffany Ho
Tin Man Luk
Tin Pun
Tin Yan Hui
Tin Yung Lau
Toby Lam
Tom Tsang
Tommy Ng
Tony Tse
Tracy Li
Tsui Yue Chiu
Tsun Tak Lai
Tsz Kwan Chan
Tsz Ngai Choy
Tung Yan So
Ue Fan Tsam
Venus Cheng
Veronica Da Rosa
Veronica Da Rosa V
Veronica Kam
Vicky Lee
Vicky Lui
Vicky Ngai
Vincent Cheung
Vivian Cheng
Vivian Chu
Vivian Leung
Vivian Wong
Vivian Wong
Vivien Lin
Vvinn L
Wai Chung Yuen
Wai Han Yung
Wai Hung Chan
Wai Kam Cheung
Wai Keung Albert Ho
Wai Keung Chan
Wai Keung Lee
Wai Ling Ng
Wai Man Raymond Ip
Wai Man Raymond Sin
Wai Man Yeung
Wai Pong Young
Wai Tat Ho
Wai Wai Chung
Wai Yee Chan
Wai-hing Lau
Waihung Wong
Walter Ma
Wan Lam
Wan Pui Man
Wang Hei Leung
Wang Mei Cheung
Wang Wang
Warren Tam
WC Shae
Well Lee
Wendy Wan
Wendy Wu
Weymond Lam
Wil Mak
Wildy Chan
William Cheng
William Lee
Wilson Leung
Wing Fai Ho
Wing Ho Lau
Wing Kei Tsang
Wing Lam Ip
Wing Tung Chan
Wing Wah Chu
Wing Yee Chan
Wingman Hui
Winnie Kwan
Winnie M.S. Cheng
WM Chow
Wong Chun Lee
Wayne Wu
Wun Wun Hui
Wyanne Li
Yan Kwai Cheung
Yan Lee
Yan Yan
Yanwing Hau
Yau Tang
Yau-chui Poon
Yee Ching Ng
Yee Kan Po
Yee Tung Chan
Yee Wa Law
Yee Yeung
Yeuk Hei Lui
Chau Ngan Camay Yeung
Sum Yeung
Yi-Ching Lu
Yik Mei Lo
Yin Han Chow
Yin Ling Chong
Yin Man Cheung
Ying Chi Lee
Ying Fuk Tsang
Ying Siu Lau
Ying Tang Kwok
Ying Ying Hsu
Yip Wai Keung
Yiu Yau Cheung
YL Yip
Yoko Chan
Yolanda Yeung
Yu Hin Timothy Ng
Yu Sun Lau
Yuen Fung Mak
Yuen Wah Fong
Yuen Wah Hong
Yuenyee Tang
Yuet Ching Ng
Yuet Hing
Yuen Yui So
Yuk Ching Tang
Yuk Ning Choi
Yutong Su
Yutung Tsoi
Yvette Ng
Yvonne Lam
Yvonne Lui Y
vonne Ng
Zhifeng Zita
Lee Zoe Pun
Ada Yuen Kwan Wong
Aj Loo
Ajax Wong
Alan Chu
Alan Wong
Albert Cheng
Albert Chiu
Albert Wong
Alex Li
Alice Li
Ally Yeung
Amy Wong
Anh Tran
Anita Au
Anjali Manivannan
Ann Chang
Anna Tai
Annie Chen
Annie Cheng
April Li
Barry Yu
Becky Siu
Bell Wong
Ben Cheung
Benny Wong
Bonnie Chan
Boogie Lo
Brenda Cheng
Brenda Cheng
Brenda Mak
Bryant Ho
Carol Kwok
Caroline Delavaud
Carrie Man
Cathy Lau
Cathy Liu
Cathy Mo
Cecil Li
Chak Ming Chung
Chan Chiu
Frank Chan
Chark Lau Hui
Charmaine Po
Chen Yee
Cherrie Hui
Cheuk Kwan Fu
Chi Fai Chow
Chiaki Omura
Chiman Tse
Ching Foon Wong
Ching Fung Wong
Ching Ha Chan
Chiu Ping Wong
Wan Him Chow
Chris Chow
Chris Woodward
Christina Lai
Christine Tam
Christine Yip
Chui Lan Lau
Chun Chi Lo
Chun Kit Li
Chun Wing Lee
Chun Yee Cheung
Chung Chung Ho
Kwong Yan Chung
CK Lee
CK Wong
Clara Hui
Connie Yuen
Constance Shiu
Coyi Wong
Crystal Tse
Crystal Wong
Dennis Chan
Derek Chan
Deric Wong
Dickson Leung
Dicky Wong
Dik Leung
Dora Chiu
Dorcas Wong
Duncan Ho
Edward Wong
Elaine Ng
Esmond Choy
Eva Choy
Fai C Lee
Fion Wan
Flora Kwok
Florinda Rosario
Fo Yee So
Fung Mui Monica Wong
Fung Ping Lee
Grace Dustin
Griselda Tang
Gugu Tang
Hackie Lam
Hans Gaasbeek
Helen Leung
Herman Wong
Hero Leung
Heting Wang
Hing Yin Lau
Ho Fu Catherina Chan
Ho Fu Catherina Chan
Ho Yan
Ho Yin Mak
Hong Cheng
HY Chung
Ian Ho
Ida Chan
Ida Yip
Iris Zhiu
Ivan Chan
Ivan Kwong
Ivy Cheung
Jack Poon
Jam Fun Lo
Jamaika Wong
Janice Cheng
Janice Tam
Jean Yim
Jeff Ngan
Jenny Pang
Jerry Lam
Jessie Lin
Joanna Chan
Jojo Kong
Jone Ze
Josephine Ho
Josephine Wong
Jovi Lam
Joyce Chow
Julian Ng
Junghwan Jeon
Ka Ming Au
Ka Ping Lau
Kai Fai Chan
Kai Fu
Kalong Chan
Kalun To
Kaming Ho
Kams Yeung
Karen Yong
Kashing Chan
Katie Hui
Keilun Leung
Kelly Leung
Kelly Tam
Ken Ma
Kenny Lee
Kerrie Ho
Kezia Mak
Kin Kwok Tsang
Kinam Kim
Kit Ying Lau
Kwan Lok Lee
Lawrence Poon
Wing Kee Lee
Leo Chu
Leo Lam
Lilian Leung
Linda Wong
Loretta Hoi
Lorna Li
Luna Evans
Ly Kwok
Lydia Chan
Magdalene Jiang
Maggie Tang
Man Yin Choy
Mandy Mok
Marcia Ng
Maria Leung
Maria Shuen
Mark C
Martha Hui
Matthew Lam
Mavis Lam
May Lau
May Mok
Mei Ying Cheng
Melissa Tang
Melody Yiu
Meow Keung
Mi Yau
Michael Chen
Miranda Chan
Miranda Wong
MK Lam
Mo Wong
Molly Ngai
Navin Yeung
Nelson Wong
Sophie Ng
Ngan Cheung Tai
Ngor Pui Yu
Nick Lee
Nick Lo
Oi Ling Jung
Oi Ling Sie
Pak Chung David Tse
Pikki Fung
Ping Fung Chan
Po King Choi
Pochun Cheung
Pollas Po
Polly Ko
Pontus Pan
Pui Chan
Pui Ying Chan
Pui Ying Venus Cheng
Qian Liu
Quincy Chong
Raymond Ke
Raymond Sun
Raymond Yu
Rebecca Chan
Renee So
Richard Ha
Richie Siu
Rita Wong
Roberto Kwong
Rosa Lin
Rosanna Mau
Rowena Kwan
Roy Poon

Ruby Kwong
Ruby Ng
Sally Tam
Samuel Yung
Sandy Kwan
Sandy Lai
Sarah Tuen
Sau Yin Lau
Senia Ng
Shan Lee
Shan Shan Chan
Sherin Wong
Sheung Yin Leung
Shiu Mei Chiu
Shuk Fai Grace Cheung
Shuk Lau
Shung Chi Cheng
Sibyl Wong
Sik Lau
Sikwai Chan
Simon Ngai
Sin To
Stanley Leung
Siufai Hui
Sizhe Xie
SLikoo Li
Soling Tsang
Soo Han Wu
Stanley Chan
Stephen Lo
Suet Yi Yeung
Sui Yee Chan
Sum Shing Lam
Sunny Wong
Tak Hing Liu
Tanielle Au
Terence Yau
Teresa Lam
Teresa Wong
Teresa Yip
Thomas Chan
TI Hui
Timothy Ho
Tina Liu
Tom Chan
Tom Li
Tom Ma
Tony Wong
TsoiYan Tse
Vanice Keung
Vannie Lau
Vi Tran
Viana Cheng
Vicky Lui
Vicky Wong
Vincent Chan
Vincent Chau
Vvn Chan
Wah Ed Chan
Wai Fan Ho
Wai Hung Ng
Wai Mui Yim
Wai Yin Wong
Wai Ying Wong
Waiman Tam
Walter Ip
Wendy Lau
Wilson Lie
Wing Chi Chow
Wing Hung Mak
Wing Ka Leung
Wing Tat Leung
Wing Yee Tsang
Winnie Cheng
Winnie Ho
Winnie Lai
Winnie Leung
Winnie Sum
Wong Kai Chun
Wong Ting
Woody Ching
Wui Fai
Yeung YK
Yam Sue
Yan Wing Leung
Yan Yan Chan
Shixiang Yang
Yanni Lam
Yatfai Yu
YC Chung
Yee Kin Pui
Yee Sun Lai
Yeuk Ping Lam
Yeuk Wa Tsang
Yh Lee
Yi Kwan Cheung
Ying Ho
Ying Jay Ma
Yintung Cheung
Yiu Kai Shum
Yiu Ting Lam
Yiu Wai Chow
Yoon Leong Tai
Yu Wai Sau
Yuen Ling Chow
Yuewu Wen
Yui Tak Wong
Yumi Ng
Yun Hang Wong
Zoe Poon
Zurath Kamdin
ウー ロヒ
石井 知章
Adam Leung
Andrew Lo
Blanche Chan
Calvin Wong
Catherine Leung
Celine Chan
Koey Chak
Chelsea Chan
Chia Lin Tsai
Chu Lien Lin
Chuiying Kwok
Chun Lung Lau
Dong Zhou
Elvis Chang
Emma Tang
Felix Chan
Fengsuo Zhou
Heidiz Kung
Hok Yan Fung
Jeffrey Imm
Jennifer Chan
Kampui Chin
Karen Shum
Kwan Yee Chiu
Laida Foto
Kin Lam
Lawrence Davis
Leon Lee
Liane Lee
Lily Chu
Maxine Lam
Michael Lee
Monica Wong
Nicole Lam
Paul Li
Poyee Liu
Pui Yuen Chu
Sakura Yan
Sheung Sau Li
Shih Yun Huang
Steven Tsang
Suk Ming Lai
Suling Wang
Tak Liang
Tak Yung Cheng
Thomas Leung
Tsz Yan Leung
Vera Yau
Wai Mei Lui
Wai Wah Mak
Wai Yee Tam
Wan Ka Chan
Wing Tak Ma
Yun Shan Shum
Alex Wong
Alex Yeong
Allen But
Amy Mok
Carmen Pang
Carolyn Tan
Jin Chang
Danny Wong
Fox Ng
Hung Yin Yu
Jean-Jacques Martin
Jessica Wong
Kwan Wai Lai
Maggie Sum
Michael Ip
Pei Wen Tseng
Raphael Tsang
Sharon Yuen
Tsz Yin Lam
鈴木 裕子
Andy Taiching Choi B
arbara Lei
Bianling Jin
Edmond Tong
Eleonore Windisch
Funny Mok
Ivy Lo
Kate Wong
Mandy Lam
Michael Leung
Stephen T
Vincent Chan
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