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2017 Day of Endangered Lawyers

“The Day of Endangered Lawyers” dedicated to the lawyers in China in 2017

24 January as the Day of the Endangered Lawyers, was initiated by Dutch lawyer Han Gaasbeeka in 2010 to commemorate the perils of lawyers during the Spanish fascists in Madrid in 1977. Over the past years, it has become an occasion for the legal professionals to express their solidarity to their counterparts at risk in different countries. “The Day of Endangered Lawyers” has been dedicated to the lawyers in Honduras, Philippines and Turkey. For 2017, it is dedicated to the lawyers in China. Apart from the professional organizations, many bar associations also joined this year.

Hong Kong - Media Briefing

Holland Hague - Demonstration and Seminar

Taiwan - Sreening and discussionof "709 Fellows"

France Paris - Demonstration and Seminar

Italy Milan - Demonstration and Seminar

France Tolouse - Concert and Seminar