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[‘709 Crackdown’] Latest data and development of cases as of 1800 19 February 2016

As of 18:00 19 February 2016, at least 317 lawyers, law firm staff, human right activists and family members have been questioned, summoned, forbidden to leave the country, held under house arrest, residential surveillance, criminally detained, arrested or missing.


Statistics by category (lawyers, lawyer assistants/ others)*:

(Download PDF of the 317 names)

  • Officially arrested: 19 persons (13/ 6)
  • Residential surveillance at designated location (implemented in the form of secret detention in the following cases): 1 persons (1 / 0)
  • Criminally detained: 1 persons (0 / 1)
  • Enforced disappearance: 2 persons (0 / 2)
  • Unclear criminal compulsory measure: 5 persons (0 / 5)
  • Residential surveillance: 1 persons (0 / 1)
  • Released on bail: 9 persons (5 / 4)
  • House arrest: 1 person (0 / 1)
  • Forbidden to leave the country: 33 persons (24 / 9)
  • Temporarily detained, forcibly questioned/ summoned (released/ safe now): 266 persons (126 / 140)

* 19 individuals are listed under two categories; 1 individual is listed under three categories


28 lawyers or activists detained or under incommunicado situation*:

(Download Case details PDF)


Formally Arrested19

Ÿ   10 Lawyers:①Zhou Shifeng周世锋②Wang Yu王宇③Wang Quanzhang王全璋④Li Heping李和平⑤Xie Yanyi谢燕益⑥Xie Yang谢阳⑦Bao Longjun包龙军⑧Li Chunfu李春富⑨Li Shuyun李姝云⑩Liu Sixin刘四新

Ÿ   2 Lawyer’s Assistant:①Zhao Wei赵威 (Kaola考拉)②Gao Yue高月

Ÿ   1 Law Firm Staff:①Wu Gan吴淦(Tufu屠夫)

Ÿ   6 Other Citizens:①Gou Hongguo 勾洪国(Ge Ping戈平) ②Liu Yongping刘永平 (Laomu老木)③Lin Bin林斌 (Monk Wang Yun望云和尚)④Hu Shigen胡石根⑤Yin Xu’an尹旭安⑥Wang Fang王芳


Ÿ   11 Subverting State Power:①Zhou Shifeng周世锋②Wang Yu王宇③Wang Quanzhang王全璋④Li Heping李和平⑤Li Chunfu李春富⑥Li Shuyun李姝云⑦Liu Sixin刘四新⑧Zhao Wei 赵威(Kaola考拉)⑨Gou Hongguo勾洪国(Ge Ping戈平)⑩Liu Yongping刘永平 (Laomu老木)⑪Hu Shigen胡石根

Ÿ   5 Inciting Subversion of State Power:①Xie Yanyi谢燕益②Xie Yang谢阳③Bao Longjun包龙军④Wu Gan吴淦(Tufu屠夫)⑤Lin Bin林斌 (Monk Wang Yun望云和尚)

Ÿ   1 Assisting in the Destruction of Evidence:①Gao Yue高月

Ÿ   2 Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles:①Yin Xu’an尹旭安②Wang Fang王芳


Residential Surveillance at Designated Residence1

Ÿ   1 Lawyer:①Zhang Kai张凯


Criminally detained: 1

Ÿ   1 Other Citizen:①Zhang Chongzhu 张崇助


Enforced Disappearance2

Ÿ   2 Other Citizens:①Xing Qingxian幸清贤②Tang Zhishun唐志顺


Unclear Compulsory Criminal Measures5

Ÿ   5 Other Citizens:①Zhai Yanmin翟岩民②Zhang Weihong张卫红 (Zhang Wanhe张婉荷)③Liu Xing刘星 (Laodao老道)④Li Yanjun李燕军⑤Yao Jianqing姚建清


Updates (30/01/2015 – 19/02/2016):

1. By far, a total of 14 defense lawyers were told by the police that they had been dismissed by their clients, but the police refused to show them any written documents nor to allow them to confirm with their clients in person.

2. The defense lawyers have been denied meetings with their clients for over 7 months.

3. The police refused to inform the defense lawyers of any case details on the ground that all the cases were involved state secrets.

4. Tianjin Police decided to recalculate the period of detention in Tu Fu’s case, who is the administrative assistant of Beijing Fengrui Law Firm, for they had found out new crimes.

5. Tianjin Police told lawyer Chenghai that they had given his letter to Wang Quanzhang.

6. Zhejiang Police changed Pastor Zhang Chongzhu’s criminal compulsory measure from residential surveillance to criminal detention.

7. Five persons have been released on bail -  lawyer Wang Qiushi, Huang Yizi, Zhangzhi, Cheng Congping, Yan Xiaojie.