【Statement: Demanding an Acquittal of lawyer Wang Quanzhang】

【Strongly Condemn the Chinese Government’s Administrative Suppression against Lawyer Liu Zhengqing】

【Forward】Weather the Dark Storm, Persevere for Rule of Law in China — A 2019 New Year’s Message From the China Human Rights Lawyers Group

【Joint Statement Upon the Upcoming Trial of Wang Quanzhang, who has been Held Incommunicado for over Three Years】

【Petition】Petition letter: immediate release of lawyer Wang Quanzhang

【An open letter to delegates of G20 summit members】

China: Immediately and Unconditionally Release Huang Qi & Ensure Access to Prompt Medical Care for all Detained Human Rights Defenders

[Forward] Make Sacrifices to Illuminate the Future, Commemorating the fifth anniversary of the founding of the China Human Rights Lawyers Group

A Global Joint Statement on the 3rdAnniversary of 709 Crackdown and China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day

【Forward】Statement on the 3rd Anniversary of the 709 Crackdown:The Virtue of Pines and Cypress Is To Be Known Only In Wintry Cold