Joint Statement on Chinese authorities placing Human Rights Lawyer Chang Weiping under ‘residential surveillance’ (10 November 2020)

Joint Letter on Detention of Chang Weiping

Statement Regarding the Verdict of Lawyer Yu Wensheng After His Secret Trial

Open Letter to Reject the National Security Legislation

Release Yu Wensheng! Hold the Authorities Accountable for Secret Trial without Any Judgement 

【Forwarded】China Human Rights Lawyers Group Statement Regarding the Tenth Anniversary of the disbarment of human rights lawyers Liu Wei(刘巍) and Tang Jitian(唐吉田)

Wang Quanzhang should be free to join his family! --- A Joint Statement Strongly Condemning the Chinese Authorities’ Use of the Pandemic as a Pretext to Restrain Wang Quanzhang’s Personal Freedom

Joint Statement Concerning the Personal Freedom of Wang Quanzhang After His Release

Statement on the 1226 Crackdown

Statement on the Large-Scale Suppression on Human Rights Lawyers and Activists in China over New Year Period